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The Fog City Sirens

All four members of the Fog City Sirens joined SFSW in 2014-15 and then challenged themselves to try quartet singing. Our songs are written by everyone from Irving Berlin to Carole King. Jan is our tenor, the highest voice. Lauren sings lead, usually the melody. Carol (Carly) sings baritone – some say the most difficult of the voices. Dianne (Dee Dee) is our bass. We love our harmony and we want to sing for you NOW!


Seismic Sound

Inspired by the City by the Bay, Seismic Sound is a San Francisco-based quartet that sings an eclectic a cappella mix of barbershop standards, modern pop, and novelty tunes.  We are available for hire, and would love to sing at your next party or corporate event.
Contact: or 415.317.6531

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